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Remote Computer Support


Remote Control

To connect to a remote steaming connection connect to the following site and follow the technicians instructions.Kaseya


Kaseya’s integrated web based platform is complete, powerful, secure and easy to deploy and administer. The Kaseya Managed Service Framework is designed for IT administrators who need to reduce complexity and increase productivity and managed service providers that want to pass those benefits to their customers and increase their own profit margins.


Download remote control agent from Kaseya. This agent is for Managed services clients only. Check our services page to find out how to become covered by our special remote management package.


Download remote client at the link below


Remote Control Via Show MY PC




Then click on the Icon to share your pc. The site will ask you to download a secure applet for remote control. Do this and when it is complete it will give you a password which you must give to our help desk technicians to provide a secure remote connection.